Teeth Whitening

What is the safety of teeth whitening?

Research over the last five years has proven bleaching to be both safe and effective. The American Dental Association’s seal of approval has been given to a wide range of tooth whitening products. Generally, the only side effect from treatment may be some sensitivity to hot and cold foods. If this occurs, sensitivity normally disappears within 48 hours.

In a study published in the April 2005 Journal of Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, researchers at the Boston based Forsyth Institute confirmed for the first time that a short exposure to UV-free blue light from the proprietary BriteSmile tooth whitening procedure killed four major bacteria implicated in gingivitis and periodontal disease.

The findings are the first to confirm the disease fighting ability of the blue light component of the patented procedure, and add to a growing body of clinical evidence on the health benefits of phototherapy in treatment and prevention of gum disease. Please do not hesitate to call us regarding any questions you may have about the benefits of teeth whitening or teeth bleaching for a whiter smile.

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What steps can I take to achieve a brighter smile?

Your dentist will first examine your teeth and gums and discuss the procedure best suited to your individual needs. Any cavities or gum problems must be treated before bleaching can begin. The in-office method generally takes one to three hours and results in an immediate noticeable change. After completing the treatment, your teeth will be checked by your dental provider to discuss the results. Smile! Your teeth will radiate a bright new look!

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